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Custom Pet Portrait Products
Ornaments, Wine Glasses, Beer Mug, Coffee and Tea Mugs, and Greeting Cards

Q. Do I need to send several photos?

A. Yes, several photos are helpful, but more importantly, each photo should be good and clear so we can see the detail of how the fur wraps around the nose and eyes. You can upload them in a large format when you place your order online or send 5 x 7 inch copies to us through the mail. US Customers click here to shop or International Customers click here to shop.

Mailing Address:
Art Dept
c/o Wagging Tail Portraits
15948 Frederick Road
Woodbine, MD 21797

Q. Do you work from photos or from the pet posing?

A. We works from photos, but we do enjoy meeting the pet whenever possible, and taking our own reference photos.

Q. Do you like hearing about the pet?

A. Yes, we love to hear all about your pet. It really helps us portray his or her personality on canvas.

Q. How long does it typically take to complete my item once I submit my order and upload my photos?

A. These custom items are one-of-a-kind and very labor intensive, consequently, there may be an extended wait period for your treasured keepsake. Our normal delivery time is 3-4 weeks and may be longer if you order multiple items. We will do our best to deliver your item in a timely manner, however we are unable to guarantee an exact delivery time.

Q. Who paints the Ornaments, Wine Glasses, Beer Mugs and Coffee and Tea Mugs?

A. The custom hand-painted ornaments,wine glasses, beer mugs, and coffee and tea mugs from WaggingTail Portraits are done by Sherry Kendall and staff artists under the direction and quality control of Sherry Kendall, who is the founding artist. Sherry has sought out local artists who are able to emulate her style and look and who also have a passion for pets. Our mission is to produce for you an excellent one-of-a-kind product portraying your furry friend which meets Sherry's highest expectations of quality and follows the tradition she has created with her artistic style. Each artist signs the ornament they paint.

Q. Who Illustrates the Wet Nose Greeting Cards?

A. The custom hand-illustrated greeting cards from WaggingTail Portraits are done by Natalie Kendall and staff artists under the direction and quality control of Natalie Kendall, who is the founding artist of Wet Nose Greetings.

Q. What is your payment policy on custom Pet Portrait Products?

A. Upon submitting your order with your payment information provided, your credit card will be charged immediately for the full purchase price of your order including all shipping and handling charges and any add on options you may have purchased. This is done for two reason. 1) You are purchasing a custom piece of art made specifically for you that has no resale value to another customer. 2) We must schedule time with the artist as well as purchase supplies.

Feel free to contact us with any other questions you may have. Click here to email.

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