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Photo Tips

Suppling a Good Photo

Here are some suggestions we use when taking photos of pets who visit the studio.

  • Kneel down to their eye level, and have someone else hold a treat a couple of inches above the camera's lens.
  • Try different lighting situations, and multiple locations: maybe under the tree in your backyard, or on their favorite chair.
  • Photos taken in the shade work out better than those in direct sunlight, because the sun often causes too much contrast.
  • Another good place to take a photo is inside your home using the indirect light shining in from a nearby window.
  • Try to anticipate your pets next move, and be ready to click. You also will want to zoom in close.
  • Close-up photos are much more helpful. They provide the detail that is needed for the paintings.
  • Whenever possible, please send several photos. Their personality shines through from different expressions. It is also helpful if you include a couple of sentences describing your pet's personality.
Reference Photo  Sherry's Finished Painting
 Henri  Henri on Canvas


Reference Photo Sherry's Finished Painting
 Syd Syd on Canvas


Reference Photo Sherry's Finished Ornament
 Baxter Baxter on Glass

One last tip, use a good camera, and avoid photos taken with a cell phone. However some of the newer cell phones with 8 megapixel cameras may work okay. Older cell phone photos never seem to look as good and tend to not be as clear when we print them out, they tend to be very grainy. If you live in the Maryland, DC area, and would like to set up an appointment to visit our studio, we would be happy to take reference photos of your pet. There is no additional charge for this service, when purchasing a commissioned custom painted pet portrait.

Here are some examples of well lit, clear photos.  

 Below are examples of poor quality
 photos that we can not use.

         Photo 1 - Bad lighting, can't see detail of the face and fur.
         Photo 2 - Foreground of face out of focus, back of dog in focus
         Photo 3 - Distance photos don't work.
         Photo 4 - Blurry
         Photo 5 - Face in shadow
         Photo 6 - Face in shadow 

Submitting Your Photos:

When Ordering Through Our Ordering System:
We like to paint from large file size photos, so it is best to send high-resolution photos, which can  be too large to send through email. Our ordering system allows you to upload your photo directly to our servers. Once you have reached that step, we will ask you to configure your order, and you will be asked for your contact information, pet information and any comments you would like to provide us regarding your pet, and or, your order.  You can then upload through our photo upload function, one or more photos for us to work with.

When Sending Your Photos Through the US POST OFFICE, UPS, or FED EX:
If you are mailing a photo of your pet, please send us a copy, not the original.  Please tape the photo to a small piece of tag board or cardboard so it doesn't bend in the mail. Also, please write your name, phone number, email address, along with your pet's name, on the board, under the photo.

Mail photos to:
Art Department
c/o Wagging Tail Portraits
15948 Frederick Road
Woodbine, MD 21797

Email Us with any question you may have regarding photos.

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